Will the heat affect Braves' Folty on Friday?

The Midday Show w/ Andy & Randy
October 01, 2019 - 12:26 pm

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Neither the Atlanta Braves or the St. Louis Cardinals have announced their starting pitching rotations ahead of the NLDS.

It's assumed that Dallas Keuchel will be the Game 1 starter on Thursday but whom will pitch Game 2 on Friday is up in the air.

But let's say that Game 2 starter is Mike Foltynewicz.

It's supposed to be 95 degrees on Friday with the first pitch at 4:30p.m. Remember, back on September 3, Foltynewicz was pulled after five scoreless innings because he became overheated.

What if that were to happen again in Game 2 on Friday?

"Folty can probably deal with it," Andy Bunker said. "But wouldn't it be the most frustrating thing in the world if we're sitting there on Friday night and Folty has to come out after five innings because he turns red?"

Randy McMichael said he needs Folty to get hydrated starting today if that's the case.

"Whatever you need to do right now to get yourself ready for Friday because he does have an issue sometimes with heat," Randy said.