Does Adding JT Daniels Make Sense For UGA?

Transfer QB doesn't fit the offense most assumed the team would run

The Morning Show w/ John & Hugh
May 29, 2020 - 8:59 am

Between the transfer of Jamie Newman and the addition of OC Todd Monken, many UGA fans can see the writing on the wall: Change and evolution was coming to the Bulldogs offense.

After Thursday's news of former USC QB JT Daniels transferring in to the program, a few people are starting to wonder exactly what the plan is on offense for UGA. Pro-style or spread option?

On Friday morning John and Hugh discussed the Bulldogs offense and if it's a fit for JT Daniels.

"We had talked post-Jake Fromm as to whether or not Georgia was going to evolve offensively, and Jamie Newman gives you the option," explains Fricke pointing to Newman's athleticism. "It looks like the pro-style attack is still going to be en vogue at Georgia if you're going to accept JT Daniels, because for as big and strong and great an arm at Daniels has, he's a statue, he don't run."

Hugh Douglas feels the style of offense doesn't matter as long as you keep the victories coming.

"You gotta get the QB that's going to help your team win," says Douglas. "If Newman can win games with his legs and evolve the offense, that's fine, but if you have another QB that's more of a traditional Dan Marino type and he's winning games, that's fine too."