Crenshaw: 'Jacob Eason should've hired a lawyer'

Justin Fields granted immediate eligibility waiver after transferring from UGA

Beau Johnson
February 10, 2019 - 8:31 am
Justin Fields

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Former UGA quarterback Justin Fields was granted an immediate eligibility waiver by the NCAA last week. This means that Fields will be eligible to play for (the) Ohio State University next year (the school he has transferred to) instead of sitting out a year.

Will this open up the door for more transfers?

Why make student athletes sit out a year anyway?

Coaches can switch schools at any time and coach the following year, so why shouldn't student athletes be able to? After all, coaches are getting paid large sums of money and players are not. You might even say that you are taking money out of these players' pockets by potentially making them wait another year before they can enter the NFL draft.

And what about former transfers like Jacob Eason?

Sam Crenshaw and Greg Clarkson weigh in on this, and Sam believes that if you want an exeption for one, they should all (transfers) get this "waiver." Just do away with the rule!

Sam also believes that had Jacob Eason hired a lawyer, he may have played without waiting too, as this is the biggest difference between both situations.