Jason Marks: 'National Anthem debate is an insult to my intelligence and it should be to yours'

Jason Marks
May 27, 2018 - 12:35 am
 Recording artist Pink performs the national anthem before Super Bowl LII between the Philadelphia Eagles and the New England Patriots at U.S. Bank Stadium.

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If this debate is about "respecting the flag," then why does Fergie, Carl Lewis, and Rosanne Barr get a pass for butchering it, yet Colin Kaepernick and Eric Reid are treated like enemies of the state? I personally stand for the flag, but I respect the right for those want to kneel. Do I understand the issue that is being protested? Absolutely not, and I don't pretend to. However, it keeps being an issue.

I get the NFL wants to stay in the business of football, but like Roger Goodell does so well, he fumbled the issue once again to a point this is a battle of pandering to the lowest partisan denomonator.

At least the only kneeling Jerry Jones has to worry about now is when the opposing quarterback runs out the clock to beat the Dallas Cowboys in that Pro Football Vatican of Mediocrity out in Texas. So congratulations I guess.

And after escaping the cess pool that is political media after 8 years, it's obvious that many have drank the red and blue Kool-aid to the point they don't notice the bitter taste of hypocrisy when it comes to this.

NFL players initially used a platform to bring awareness to an issue they believed needed to be resolved. Unfortunately, lazy political journalist made it about something it was never intended to be.

It's an insult to my intelligence and it should be to yours.