Jeff Benedict "NFL No Huddle" segment 5/28/18

Bleacher Report released the best receiving core from all 32 NFL teams

Jeff Benedict
May 29, 2018 - 12:51 am

In the nine o'clock hour of "The Bunker Mentality" Jeff Benedict filled in for Andy Bunker, and he gave a lot of great insight on the NFL No Huddle. Bleacher Report, released an article stating the best Wide Receiving core for all 32 teams. The top five were as followed: 5.Kansas City Chiefs, 4. New York Giants, 3. Pittsburgh Steelers, 2.Atlanta Falcons, 1. New England Patriots. Jeff, did not agree with this listing, and he felt most of the nation would not agree neither. Jeff stated the Falcons and Steelers could arguably be one and two. For Bleacher Report to list the Patriots as number one was outrageous for Jeff to believe. Jeff delivered a thoughtful analysis on all five teams.  How they match up with their newly acquired players against the rest of the NFL. To listen to the full NFL No Huddle segment head over to