Jeff Goodman: There are 5 teams that can win it all

The Morning Show w/ John & Hugh
March 21, 2019 - 10:18 am

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Stadium college hoops analyst Jeff Goodman shares which teams he feels have a real shot to win it all and why Duke could struggle with Mississippi State.

"There's five teams for me," said Goodman. "I think there's five teams that have a shot at winning six straight games, and there's no surprise who they are in whatever order you want to put them: 

  • Gonzaga
  • Virginia 
  • Duke 
  • Kentucky
  • Carolina

Those are your five.

My heart wants to go with Virginia. I just don't know if Duke can do it with the way they shoot the ball from the perimeter. This Mississippi State-Duke game, if it happens, has a chance to be a real, real scare for Duke."

Jeff also brings up who he thinks could be this years Cinderella team. 

"​If Belmont wins today and gets LSU or Yale, I'd love to see them in the Sweet 16 for a team we didn't even know would get into the tournament."