Schultz on Hawks: Have an owner that wants to win

Dukes & Bell
October 24, 2018 - 5:48 pm

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Jeff Schultz joined Dukes & Bell and talked about his take on Hawks Owner Tony Ressler “I’ve said before I think most sports fans are realist to know they’re not going to win every year, they just want to know that their owner cares as much as they do and are trying to win.”

 Schultz told the guys what he thinks Ressler has learned so far as an owner “I think he learned there were no shortcuts, he had the wrong people in charge by giving Budenholzer the promotion, that he and Wilcox would get along, I think he’s learned how the building process works.”

When asked about if he thinks Ressler was behind the Trae Young draft pick “I was at the Hawks draft, and the second the trade was made I questioned it, because Young had a higher upside because of risk, and the rumors were out there that they thought he was more marketable, and he shot it down and told me that Mark Cuban called Ressler on the day of the drafting saying they wanted Doncic and he told him to have his GM call Schlenk because that’s how it works.”