​Sentell on Fromm: 'I can’t think of anyone who has had a better 24 game start to his dawg career.'

Dukes & Bell
November 14, 2018 - 5:21 pm

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Jeff Sentell joined Dukes & Bell and told the guys UGA picked up a running back today “They got a back today from south Florida Kenny McIntosh, he has a brother in the NFL and at Notre Dame, his nicknames are Kenny Mac and the Blueprint, a 6’1 215lb back might be able to help them with their redzone problems.”

Sentell talked about UGA losing John Emery to LSU “It’s one of those things that the lure from LSU is really hard to ignore, he’s a special talent, UGA has done a good job of going out of state but they’ve done it where there is no SEC powerhouse around. LSU is trying to build their version of Chubb and Michel, but it would have been like going into Macon and getting a guy away from UGA, that’s how hard it would have been to get Emery away from LSU.”

When asked about Justin Fields series in the red zone Sentell said  “Pedestrian is a better way to explain it, the fans just wanted to see what the kid could do, I think he will be invited to the Heisman trophy ceremony one day, he’s that good but the kid that’s going to be very special showed he’s not quite ready yet, he’s trying to beat out a guy who I can’t think of anyone who has had a better 24 game start to his dawg career.”