Patrick on Riley: We've never seen anything like this before

Dukes & Bell
May 24, 2019 - 3:41 pm



929 the game Braves insider Joe Patrick joined Dukes & Bell to talk about Austin Riley’s start in the majors, and will the team sign Craig Kimbrel?

Joe said it’s amazing what Riley has done in his first 9 games.

 “It’s really amazing, we’ve never seen anything like this before.” Patrick said “It’s not just the nine games he’s had in the majors it was he was doing in the minors which was unreal, it’s impressive to see him carrying it over.”

When asked about his fielding.

 “His outfield is improving.” Patrick said “When we first talked to him when he got called up, he mentioned it was a real focus for him to cut down on the strikeouts, I don’t want to see him taking pitches if he can hit them out of the ball park. He’s such a well-rounded hitter, he is hitting them 500 ft and then getting the bloop hit yesterday to win the game.”

Patrick said he still wants the team to go get someone with closer experience.

 “I think it will continue for the foreseeable future.” Patrick said “It’s going to be Luke Jackson more as the game gets into later innings, I thought Luke Jackson actually picked well in the blown save in San Francisco. He’s got stuff, and he has starting experience in the past so he can go two innings if needed which is valuable, I still think they will go out and get a guy with experience and I think they need someone with that experience.”

Will the Braves sign Craig Kimbrel after the Amateur draft?

 “Personally I don’t see it.” Patrick said “I don’t think that’s the market they want to be in and I think they’re being hurt by how it’s shaping up right now because some of the best teams in the league have bad bullpens and will be in the market to get Kimbrel.”

Joe talked about Mike Foltynewicz’s last start.

 “It definitely was.” Patrick said “It’s good to see, his spring training was cut short and I think that really set him back, the drop in velocity had a lot of people worried, to me the best thing to see out of his last start was the velocity being back, I think he even topped out at 98 in that last start.”