Corry on Julio contract adjustment: 'This is not a compromise'

Dukes & Bell
July 26, 2018 - 4:07 pm

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Joel Corry joined Dukes and Bell to explain to the guys just what the term ‘Cap Neutral’ actually means Corry said “It means that Julio’s cap number which was suppose to be 12.9 miliion is still going to be 12.9 million.” Corry continued “It’s a compromise, this is probably the next best thing other than having his contract ripped up and renegotiated.”

 When asked how the math actually works Joel told the guys “There’s no new money added, all they’ve done is taking $2 million out of his 2019 base and put it in a signing bonus, and in order for it to be cap neutral they are having to take out $1 million of his 2018 base salary and turn it into a signing bonus.”

  Mike asked Joel if this is a contract year for Jones, “Yea, what he should be doing right now is rooting for Odell Beckham Jr. and AJ Green to set the market, because if he has a typical Julio Jones type year that would be what he is aiming for. If I’m Atlanta I may try to beat the market with AJ Green’s next deal because since they’ve signed their deals Julio has been the more productive receiver.”