John Clayton: Dan Quinn knows he is on the hot seat

How Dan Quinn and Pete Carroll are similar.....

Dukes & Bell
February 01, 2019 - 4:25 pm

Longtime NFL writer John Clayton joined Dukes and Bell on Radio Row at Super Bowl 53. Clayton said, “Atlanta has done a great job this weekend. People are so pleasant and friendly.”

Clayton then talked about his famous ESPN Sportscenter commercial. Clayton said they ad agency told ESPN, “It had to be Clayton who did that commercial. It was a blast.”

Clayton on Bill Belichick, “You have now stayed at the same place for 18, 19 years. First guy I had to see on Monday night at Opening Night was Dante Scarnecchia.” Clayton continued by talking about how Scarnecchia (the Patriots offensive line coach) has been with Belichick so long.

Clayton then talked about all of the different coaches that Belichick has taken things from over the years and all the different ways he studies the game.

Clayton on Josh McDaniels, “He burned some bridges with what he did to the Colts.” Clayton talked about how McDaniels wanted the Green Bay job but there are so many politics going on right now in Green Bay.

Clayton on Dan Quinn getting rid of all three coordinators, “I think what Dan Quinn is doing is similar to what Pete Carroll did a few years ago.” Clayton continued, “Dan Quinn knows he is a coach on the hot seat.”

Clayton also discussed other coaching changes in the NFL and the need to develop more minority head coaching candidates. He also spoke about Jason Garrett’s status as the Cowboys head coach.