Fricke on Braves' offense: 'It is not acceptable'

Is it time for a lineup change?

Wendy Adams
September 05, 2018 - 8:17 am

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The Atlanta Braves dropped their second game to the Boston Red Sox on Tuesday night, 5-1. Starting pitcher Sean Newcomb had another rough outing lasting only 4 1/3 innings, allowing three runs and four hits. Newcomb also gave up five walks, matching his season high.

Despite struggling over his last six starts, John Fricke wants to take the pressure off of Newcomb. We all understand that he needs to be better; he understands that. The bigger problem right now: the Braves' offense.

"This offense; I mean, it is not acceptable," said John. And he points out one player in particular, Freddie Freeman. "If Freddie Freeman wants to be the MVP of this league, he has to deliver now."

John's frustration with Freeman is warranted as the first baseman hasn't hit a home run since August 14.

"I think go ahead a make a lineup change," said Fricke. "It's not panic time but it's been 12 games now that [the Braves> have been in this funk. You got to do something. ... I would much rather see our guys start to get thrown out at third trying to take an extra base; thrown out at home trying to score than to stand around waiting for someone to hit a three run home run that doesn't come."

This is the current Braves lineup order (the 1-5 and the 8 spot are the most consistent):

  1. Acuna
  2. Inciarte
  3. Freeman
  4. Markakis
  5. Carmargo
  6. Albies
  7. Suzuki or Flowers
  8. Swanson
  9. Starting pitcher

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