Fricke: If Braves win Game 4, they will win NLDS

Wendy Adams
October 08, 2018 - 8:50 am

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The Atlanta Braves avoided a NLDS sweep beating the Dodgers 6-5 in a thrilling Game 3 on Sunday night at Suntrust Park.

And it was Ronald Acuña's bat that would break things wide open early for the Braves:

Acuña became the youngest player in MLB history to hit a grand slam in the postseason, which was previously held by Mickey Mantle.

The Braves carried a 5-0 lead until the Dodgers would eventually tie things up in the 5th-inning.

However, it was savvy veteran Freddie Freeman that would ultimately seal the Game 6 win for the Braves.

Mike Foltynewicz will be on the mound for the Braves in Game 4 on Monday afternoon. John Fricke said if Atlanta wins this game, they'll win the NLDS.

"If the Braves win today, if they get Game 4, I think they're winning Game 5. I think this is the series right here. I really think the Braves can get this."

Fricke said he'll be nervous watching the game this afternoon because he wants them to continue the success that no one expected this season.

"They've started to accomplish all of these things this year as they came down the stretch. I wanted them to make the playoffs, check. Then I wanted them to win the East, check. Then I wanted them to get a win in the playoffs, check. Now, I want them to win a series."