Fricke: Don Mattingly should be fired

Should the Marlins manager be held responsible for Ureña hitting Acuña?

Wendy Adams
August 16, 2018 - 10:43 am

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Atlanta Braves young phenom Ronald Acuña Jr. came to the plate Wednesday night, looking for his fourth consecutive lead off home run; and his sixth-straight home run. However, he wouldn't get that opportunity.

In a move that infuriated Braves country, Miami Marlins pitcher Jose Ureña hit Acuña on the very first pitch. Benches cleared, not once but twice, before both Ureña and Braves manager Brian Snitker were tossed.

John Fricke, who's enthusiasm for Acuña has been through the roof, came in hot this morning, like most Braves fans probably did.

"Total, absolute, trash, garbage," were the first words out of John's mouth. "Let's make no mistake about what happened at Suntrust Park yesterday; it was absolutely, 100 percent intentional. I think the umpiring crew blew this. They should have immediately ejected Ureña and [Marlins manager> Don Mattingly too; and they should both be suspended for a long time."

Randy McMichael said from what he took away was that Jose Ureña acted alone:

"These unwritten rules of baseball are straight horse crap. You have a ball in your hand; and this man threw it 97 mph at [Acuña>. Why? Because he's playing well? Because he's having fun? Really?"

While Mattingly was not ejected, John believes he should've been, and punishment against the Miami Marlins manager should be taken a step further:

"Don Mattingly should not be suspended but fired...Derek Jeter ought to fire [him>; he won't because they're buds from the Yankees. You're team's this bad and this is how low you go? You know how shameful you are? This is embarrassing." 

What steps do you think MLB should take against Jose Ureña and/or manager Don Mattingly?

However, the Braves would go on to win 5-2, sweeping the Marlins for the first time in 12 years. Dansby Swanson paid tribute to his injured teammate after hitting a two-run homer of his own.