John Fricke: Ohio State most hated team in America now

Head football coach Meyer suspended 3-games after investigation

Wendy Adams
August 23, 2018 - 9:10 am

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Ohio State head football coach Urban Meyer has been suspended for the first three games of the season after an investigation found he mishandled domestic assault allegations against his former assistant coach Zach Smith.

The university released the summary of their investigation findings following their press conference. You can read the reports here:

John Fricke is infuriated with the decision, and what he's calling a "cover up" by Ohio State:

"If I'm Buckeye Nation this morning, two things are true; [one>, I guess I'm celebrating the fact that my coach is here."

John noted that Meyer, who was also suspended without pay for the remainder of the preseason, will still be allowed to work with the team during the week beginning on September 2.

He continues: "Ohio State sold their soul in this investigation, let's be clear about that. They don't have a problem with the fact that they are now and maybe their good with the fact that they are now going to be the most hated team in America; cause they are."

And John isn't convinced that this whole story is over:

"If you're an Ohio State Buckeye, you better hold you breath. You better hope that there isn't another shoe--that Brett McMurphy or another reporter isn't sitting on something [else>."

There was one interesting point in Ohio State's investigation report that left a lot of people, at least on social media, scratching their heads:

Hugh offers up a possible explanation for Meyer's memory issues:

"This shields [the university> from any kind of backlash by saying 'you know what, I don't remember." However, even he isn't buying it: "Listen, I don't believe that for one second that he forgot certain me, where Coach Meyer fell short is he put football, like most coaches do unfortunately, above anything else."

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