McClain: If Kubiak comes back it'll be in Denver

Dukes & Bell
January 04, 2019 - 3:20 pm

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John McClain joined Dukes & Bell and talked to the guys about the DeAndre Hopkins story where he is donating his playoff game check “A mother was in her car with four kids and she was driving, she saw a guy in a red pickup and they made eye contact, he followed her and shot her car up and killed her daughter Jasmine. DeAndre Hopkins has decided to donate his playoff game check, Shaq has offered to pay for the funeral and they have a nationwide man

McClain talked about who he would be voting for to get into the Hall of Fame in this years class “I believe there are three locks in this class, Ed Reed as good of a safety as I’ve ever seen, Tony Gonzalez who is the top tight end in every major category, and then Champ Bailey. After that I think it’s as open as any class I’ve voted for.”

 When asked about the future of Texans Head Coach Bill O’Brien “Bill O’brien has a four year extension, even if they lose the Colts I think he will be here, he’s been here five years and had a winning record four of those years with a playoff victory. I have people coming up to me asking if he’ll be fired if he loses and I say why in the world would he be fired.”

 McClain talked about if Gary Kubiak could be a candidate for the Falcons OC Job “If Gary Kubiak comes back it would be as an offensive coach, and if he does it would be in Denver. I don’t think you can get him away from Denver, he loves Denver his wife loves Denver and he’s very involved in their personnel department.”