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Should CBB change rules to support end-of-game

April 07, 2019 - 4:25 pm

After the end of the Auburn-Virginia game, a lot of questions were asked about if the officials should or shouldn't have made certain calls and if the rules to end-of-game situations should be adjusted. JR and Bryant McFadden discussed exactly that on Sunday afternoon.

Former NFLer McFadden began by separating what happened to Auburn and what hapenned to New Orleans in the NFC Championship Game. 

"Even though the double dribble was not called, Auburn still had an opportunity. They still had the game in their ther hands with time on their side. Get over the double dribble. This is not like the Los Angeles Rams against the New Orleans Rams. They missed two calls. If you don't know anything about football you said that didn't look right. Something was wrong with the defender hitting the wide receiver before the ball got there."

Bryant McFadden continued to acknowledge we think differently as fans watching on tv because of replay during the broadcast.

"This is different because it happened so fast that most people who are basketball fans didn't even know it was double dribble or a call should have been made."

JR backed up McFaddens arguement and doesn't think College Basketball should adjust their rulebook. 

"I don't think this was that outrageous or egregious of a call that you want to go ahead and change rules in college basketball. There's a alot of things I don't like about college basketball, a ref missing a call on the double dribble is not something we need to do a whole oversale change about what's going on."

He continues, "don't blame it on the refs, if you're out there competing, don't leave it in the judges hands. How about boxing, how many fights have you watched, knock the guy out."