Benny Snell: "Ever since I’ve been in HS I’ve been doubted"

Dukes & Bell
July 16, 2018 - 5:59 pm

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Kentucky RB Benny Snell joined Dukes and Bell, “I’m getting on everyone, being a leader you have to be cool, hang out outside of the locker room.”

   Bennie told the guys why he has a chip on his shoulder, “Ever since I’ve been in HS I’ve been doubted, I wanted to go to Ohio State, I wasn’t recruited though. Coach Stoops came in and I wanted to be apart of what he was doing, they wanted to put backs over me, and I’ll forever have that chip on my back.”

  Mike asked Bennie what Kentucky has to do to take the next step, Snell told them  “We have our OL returning, three QB’s competing for the number one spot, senior WR, our whole defense coming back and we’re ready to get over that hump.”

  When asked what he needs to improve on, Snell told the guys “I need to catch the ball more out of the backfield, I need to work on my pass protection SEC Linebackers are no joke, and continue to stay durable.”​