Dick Gabriel: Most phenomenal season for Kentucky football since 1977

Why this year has been so special for the Wildcats....

Jon Chuckery
November 03, 2018 - 10:00 am

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Long-time member of the Kentucky Football Network, Dick Gabriel, joined College Football Gametime to preview today’s game between the Georgia Bulldogs and the Kentucky Wildcats in Lexington.

Gabriel when asked about the excitement of Kentucky football versus Kentucky basketball, “Not only is the season opener on Tuesday, it’s against Duke and right now everyone only cares about Football. No one is talking about the Basketball team right now.”

Gabriel on the vibe of the Kentucky Football team right now, “The fans are more up tight than the team right now. This is the most phenomenal season for this team since 1977 when they went 7-1.”

Gabriel went on to say, “None of us have ever seen anything like this. The 1977 team was on probation. This is all new and people are really having a good time thinking that we could be talking more about football than basketball in the first week of December.”

Gabriel went on to talk about:

  • Benny Snell
  • Kentucky’s game plan on offense
  • The strong defensive back play for UGA
  • The fact that this is the best Wildcat defense since 1977
  • The development of Josh Allen