Kirby Must Evolve for UGA to Become Dynasty

The Morning Show w/ John & Hugh
December 04, 2019 - 8:15 am
UGA Head Coach Kirby Smart

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UGA wants to be included in the CFP discussion that currently contains LSU, Ohio State, and Clemson, and they have their chance on Saturday in the SEC Championship Game.

With the idea that both LSU and Alabama could take steps backwards next season, John Fricke and Hugh Douglas discuss the possibility that UGA can step into that hole and become THE team to beat in the SEC.

"If you're Kirby Smart and you allow yourself to evolve as a head coach, Georgia can replace Alabama at the top of the SEC," says Fricke. "Georgia can become the next superpower."

Hugh asks for clarification from Fricke on what evolve means and receives his answer.

"You had Justin Fields here, had a chance to be a vertical team with a dual-threat quarterback," answered Fricke. "You went out and recruited Carson Beck. [If] you unleash the dogs on offense, allow yourself to be a little more high risk, let your athletes go, allow them to go at their speed, he can turn UGA into a multiple national champion."