Crenshaw: Enough is enough!

Lane Kiffin makes scholarship offer to Matt Leinert's 11-year-old son?

Sam Crenshaw
October 20, 2018 - 7:13 am
Lane Kiffin

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OK, so he ALLEGEDLY offered a scholarship to an 11-year-old. And not just any 11-year-old, this was Matt Leinart's son Cole.

Lane Kiffin did come out later and clear things up, saying he was "obviously joking" about the offer. But this is just a funny example of something that is really going on and becoming a little out of control in real life, according to Sam Crenshaw.

Greg Clarkson joins Sam in this conversation, and tends to agree.

High school freshman are signing commitments every season. And while you may be able to see some athletic ability in a 15-year-old, can you really determine where or what position they will play in college? Even worse, some schools are actually getting eighth graders to sign commitments! And on this one, we aren't "obviously joking."