10 Min. Tailgate Tour Ep. 082; Vegas 2018 Recap: Bad Shrimp, Good BBQ & Ugly Thongs

Mark Owens
July 26, 2018 - 12:10 pm

929 The Game Mark Owens

MO is back with the latest 10 Min. Tailgate Tour with a hungover recap of a low roller in Vegas. It was a boys trip that morphed from a boys trip to a family excursion. Plus, we have reviews of some the best and worst Casinos in Downtown Vegas and on the Strip. If you are planning a trip. MO has some tips and tricks on what restaurants to check out and where to avoid. Plus, a detailed tour of a Downtown classic that is constantly evolving itself. We talk about the best times to avoid crowds and an easy way to check out new spots while saving money. Follow MO on Twitter @Marko6262