Coach Dooley: LSU will be toughest test by far we've had 

Dukes & Bell
October 11, 2018 - 4:34 pm

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Vince Dooley joined Dukes & Bell, Coach told the guys that the schedule is getting tougher “I feel like it’s a real strong schedule from here on out, we’ve not met a physical team like we’ll play in LSU, or Florida or Auburn for that matter. In every category of offense and defense LSU is in the middle, but on the other hand they have some athletes, and I wish they’d won last week cause it’s now extra incentive for them to get a win.”

 Dooley talked about maybe seeing more of Justin Fields this week “You’ve got Jake and Justin Fields, who comes in and is a completely different player, and it’s a great change up that Kirby has done a good job having a feel for when to use him, and I think we may see a little more of him this week.”

 Coach told the guys that on paper Georgia is by far the superior team “I think in every phase of the game they’re going to be more challenged then what they’ve been to this point, we’re favored by 7 ½ points by good justification, the only thing that’s odd on the stats is we’re at the bottom of rushing the passer, but all those things are thrown out when you take the field because that place is loud.”

 When asked if he was concerned about the LSU defense Coach said “I think there is concern because of their defense, I think LSU’s defense is going to be more of a challenge than anything we’ve seen because of their quickness and they’re coming off of a loss to Florida.”

Coach Dooley gave the guys his prediction for the game “I think we’ll win the ball game, we’ve got the greatest balance I’ve ever seen in an offense at Georgia, I think we’ll score more than them and that’s the bottom line.”