Let's Find Out Who Falcons Are Early in 2020 Season

The Midday Show w/ Andy & Randy
May 05, 2020 - 1:32 pm

Andy Bunker and Randy McMichael talked about how the NFL will be proceeding with the release of the 2020 schedule Thursday night, May 7, at 8 p.m. Bunker and McMichael broke down one of the ways the Atlanta Falcons schedule could be different this year and how important the early part of the season is.

“I want the Falcons to be on display, on national television, as many times as possible early in the season because I want us to know and I want everyone to know whether the Falcons are any good or not,” said Bunker. “I want them to be tested. I don’t want to wonder who the Falcons are in mid-October,” Bunker continued.”

Bunker and McMichael also talked about the idea of playing the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on primetime television opening week of the 2020 season.