Pierce prepares for life without Collins

The Morning Show w/ John & Hugh
November 07, 2019 - 8:21 am

It was a shock when John Collins was suspended 25 games, but the Hawks came out that night and defeated the Spurs. Last night they had a much rougher time against the Bulls.

As the Hawks move forward without John Collins for a large chunk of this season, Head Coach Lloyd Pierce is beginning to develop a plan for how they can remain competitive without their former first-round pick.

"We have 23 games to go before we have John back and we're devising a plan to keep John active. He'll be around the team, just not at game-time. All we can really do is worry about integrating some other guys, Jabari inserts into the starting lineup, we'll move some other guys around, Vince and De'Andre Hunter will play some at the backup 4, but we have to move forward and get other guys to step up. We can't replace John so we have to find other ways to be productive on the offensive end with what he was capable of doing, we just have to do it a little bit differently."

Coach Pierce, who joined John Fricke and Hugh Douglas on Thursday morning also spoke about who needs to step up behind Trae Young into a bigger role.

You're going to see the ups and downs a little more than we would like. John was a 20-10, Jabari has been great for us, so we do have a second option behind Trae to get baskets to get us going. We are looking at Cam and De'Andre a little bit more, last night they went 2-15, kinda what happens when you're a rookie, you're going to have some off nights, but they can't have off-nights, they need to be productive, and that's the challenge in their first year, can they do that on a consistent basis."