Pump the Breaks on LSU

Thomas Mott
January 15, 2020 - 12:20 am
Ed Orgeron | Joe Burrow

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Joe Burrow and LSU were officially crowned the champions of College Football last night in what felt like a five-hour battle of national powerhouses at the Superdome in New Orleans.

As if it was meant to be, Burrow, Coach O and the Tigers capped off their undefeated season with the Heisman Trophy winner accounting for six touchdowns as LSU pulled away from Clemson in the second half.

Twitter, national media members and fans alike immediately began to speculate about the greatness of LSU and their apparent arrival onto the stage of “Top Programs in College Football”.

With all the buzz around Joe Burrow, Coach O and the Tigers this year (and deservedly so), I honestly feel like I’m the only one not ready to crown them the new “It” program of college football.

Guys, what we saw last night was a more talented team beating a more talented program.

Clemson, Alabama and Ohio State (in that order) remain the top three programs in the country. LSU, in my opinion, is still on the outside looking in, until we see consistency over the course of a few seasons.

For as great as this year was for LSU, there’s a real chance this is the exception, not the rule.

I’m not trying to single out LSU or degrade their National Championship run, but before we promote them to the title of “Greatest Program in CFB” they must first prove they can dominate for many seasons to come.

Alabama had to do this, Ohio State had to do this and yes even Clemson had to do this.

Alabama first jumped onto the National stage in 2009 with the 2009 BCS National Championship game, since then they’ve won three more Nattys and are in the playoff picture every single year.

Clemson announced their arrival in 2016 with a last second win over Saban and the Tide and backed it up the following year with a CFB Playoff birth in 2017 and a National Championship in 2018.

In order for me to claim LSU as the next great CFB program I will need to see this kind of consistency.

I need to see LSU survive the NFL purge that will undoubtedly take place in April with the departure of Joe Burrow as the #1 overall pick and a bevy of his CBs, WRs and Defensive players following suit.

Just this year, LSU is projected to lose at least four star players to the first round of the draft this year alone.

Who will replace Joe Burrow? Clemson replaced Deshaun Watson with Trevor Lawrence. Alabama replaced Jalen Hurts with Tua Tagovailoa.

Is Burrow’s backup Myles Brennan the next great CFB QB? Who knows?

Here’s the deal, The best way I can sum it all up is like this:

Last night saw a far superior team in every category, LSU beat a talented, but out-gunned Clemson squad.

Yet what was the score in the first quarter? Who got it within three points in the third quarter? Clemson. Why? Because the best program in the country with the best coach in the county can keep you alive in games even when you’re at a talent disadvantage.

LSU was unbelievable this year. Congrats Coach O, Congrats Joe Burrow, Congrats Tiger Nation.

But let’s wait to crown them the greatest program in College Football until we see them back it up next year and continue to be relevant for years to come.