Snitker could be demise of Braves in postseason

The Jon Chuckery Show
August 15, 2019 - 1:03 am

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports


The Atlanta Braves made additions at the trade deadline that was supposed to shore up the bullpen. Alex Anthopoulos was lauded for making all of the right moves, but here we are biting our nails at the end of games, praying that one of those guys can close it out.

Jon Chuckery doesn't think that the Braves should be struggling with a team like the New York Mets.

If Brian Snitker would have just kept Dallas Keuchel in the game, he wouldn't have to depend on the team's shaky bullpen. That is where most of the frustration comes from with the decisions that Snitker makes.

"These baseball managers are maddening," Chuckery said.

In the playoffs, when these decisions start to really matter, it's going to be hard to put faith in a guy that continues to make the wrong one.