Schlereth on how to stop Aaron Donald: 'Pray for him to get sick'

How to approach Donald and Suh from an offensive line perspective....

Dukes & Bell
January 30, 2019 - 5:11 pm

Three-time Super Bowl Champion Offensive Lineman Mark Schlereth and longtime American sportscaster and tv personality Leslie Visser joined Dukes & Bell on Radio Row at Super Bowl week. Visser on her first experiences with Schlereth, “He grows up in Acnchorage, he played six games a year, got two offers from Hawaii and Idaho, I asked him why he picked Idaho and he said because of the climate. Shclereth said “I looked at it thinking I don’t know if I can wake up to sunshine everyday, I wanted to wake up to some snow and rain and I loved going there.”

Schlereth on what the Patriots need to do to stop Aaron Donald, “First off I would pray that he got sick, just a 48 hour sickness, but anytime you play against an Aaron Donald or Suh (Ndamukong Suh), you have to make those guys play defense. We would run at them when I played. Great pass protection has a lot more to do with how an offensive coordinator calls a game than it does with me just beating the guy one on one. Donald has twenty and a half sacks, and he was doubled team for more than seventy-one percent of his plays so he was beating double teams.”

When asked about beating the Falcons in Super Bowl 33 Schlereth told Dukes and Bell, “In Super Bowl 33 you guys had the best pass rushing defense in the league, you got ninty percent of your sacks in nickel pass rushing situations. In that game Mike Shanahan said why would we get into nickel when that’s when they pass rush the best. We never got into our nickel package in that game, so the Falcons never were able to bring in their pass rush specialists.”​