Atlanta Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan

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Ryan on Falcons drafting Ridley: 'Reminds me a lot of 2011 when we drafted Julio'

EXCLUSIVE Matt Ryan Interview

May 07, 2018 - 2:18 pm

Atlanta Falcons Radio Network color analyst Dave Archer got a change to sit with quarterback Matt Ryan on Monday to pick the brain of the highest paid QB in the National Football League.

Here are some of the highlights:

  • [0:12] His new family. Marshall and Johnny are doing well and are home now.
  • [0:56] Advice from Ryan's dad.
  • [1:49] Sara's photo on Twitter where boys where at contract signing.
  • [2:32] The strategy behind the new contract.
  • [4:06] On the distration of his family life at home in the months leading up to the new contract.
  • [5:03] Whether he ever imagined as a high school QB that  he'd be the highest paid player in NFL history?
  • [5:32] What'd you think as you watched the 2018 draft unfold in the first round? "I don't think anybody in the state of Georgia or the city of Atlanta was happier than me when he [Ridley] was available for us at that position. I think he's going to be a great addition to what we do offensively. But I thought throughout the entire draft our front office did a great job of getting good players that were available, but also guys who fit our program, our style of play in the areas we needed some help. I think Thomas and his staff did a good job. I'm excited about those guys getting here and starting to get some work with them."
  • [6:46] On Julio Jones being excited with Atlanta drafting Alabama alum, Calvin Ridley. "[Getting Ridley] reminds me a lot of 2011 when we drafted Julio [Jones]. Where we had Rody White in his prime and multiple targets on the inside with Harry Douglas and Tony Gonzalez. It was difficult for a defense to defend. We're different now than we were; we're a different scheme now than we were at that time. But we've got a lot of talent at those positions. I know he's fired up to get a nother guy from 'Bama here."
  • [7:47] What's Matt Ryan working on? "Finding ways to get yourself into position to throw the ball the best that you can. That always boils down to footwork. ... It's about cleaning up footwork in certain spots and making sure that at the tops of drops whether it's off play-action pass or whether it's from the gun, I'm in really good positions to throw the football."
  • [8:42] What does Greg Knapp bring to the table?
  • [9:41] Will you have another offseason team session in Florida?