Ryan or Vick, Who Should QB Falcons For Simulation?

Falcons Legends facing Eagles Legends on Saturday

The Morning Show w/ John & Hugh
June 10, 2020 - 8:16 pm

This weekend the Falcons are taking on the Eagles in a Madden Legends Simulation with special broadcasters Hugh Douglas and Ike Reese.

Most of the Falcons team is set, featuring legends like Julio Jones, Roddy White, Deion Sanders, and Jessie Tuggle. But there is still one position up for grabs, starting QB.

While we all agree that Madden 04's version of Mike Vick rivals Tecmo Bowl's Bo Jackson as greatest football video game character ever. The debate over who should start is much more complicated than it would seem.

Here's John and Hugh discussing the options for the Falcons' QB job:

The decision really isn’t about Mike Vick versus Matt Ryan, it actually depends less on them and more on other positions. You want to choose the QB that will best suit the skills of the type of offense you hope to run.

Are you going to be a running team or a passing team? That will really be what decides the QB. 

With options like Julio, Roddy, Mathis, Ridley, & Rison along with Tony Gonzalez at TE, is the team better suited throwing the ball than it would be running the ball with guys like Warrick Dunn and Michael Turner?

If you want to be a running team, it's pretty clear you take Mike Vick. But if you want to throw the ball Matt Ryan may be the better option.

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