Like It Or Not: Players Want Quinn Back

Who has more sway with Blank; players or fans?

Thomas Mott
December 18, 2019 - 3:14 am

How you and I watch football is probably different than how other people watch football.

Some of us get really upset after a loss. Some of us kind of just shrug it off. Some of us couldn’t really care either way.

The problem with a lot of Falcons fans this week is that they didn’t take the win on Sunday at San Francisco well.

There are a lot of fans who would rather lose games to ensure good draft picks and new coaching than see the Falcons look good in four of their previous six games this year.

I get that. I understand that. I’m with you, to a degree, that some change would be a refreshing sight for our Falcons.

However, when we are looking from the outside at a football team, we tend to forget what’s actually going on inside the locker room.

Sunday might have meant nothing to a lot of fans in Atlanta. But it meant everything to the players in that locker room.

We keep saying that the players are playing for Dan Quinn, but what does that really mean?

Well, did you see what Matt Ryan said to NFL NOW Monday?

“He has the respect of the locker room and the guys play hard for Dan," Ryan said. "There’s no question about it. We all appreciate everything that he does for us, the style of coaching. And he’s got great relationships with all of the guys in the locker room. So we love him. We are playing hard and doing everything we can for him.”

That was Matt Ryan yesterday.

That was the QB of our Falcons... Yesterday..

Folks, I don’t know how else to break it to you, but the guys inside the locker room want Quinn back.

I understand the recent mediocrity of the Falcons can drive fans to want change. But in the end who do you trust to make the right decisions for the Falcons? The players on the field or the fans in the stands?

Here’s what everyone in Atlanta needs to understand. (This goes for radio hosts, TV personalities, beat writers, columnists, bloggers and the fans.)

The players inside the locker room have a lot more pull than the fans in the stands.

I believe Quinn’s job will ultimately come down to two things:

  1. The final two games of the year. (Atlanta cannot get blown out in either of them.)
  2. The players' insistence on him staying or going.

Arthur Blank is not going to listen to Ryan tell him that he wants DQ to stay, just for him to turn around and fire him.

Once you lose the trust of your players you’ve lost everything.

We are all on the outside looking in. From the outside it has looked pretty bad recently. But on the inside, as Ryan again showed us on Sunday, with a game winning drive and yesterday, defending DQ on NFL NOW, it appears to me that the players are going to get their wish.