Ryan's contract adjustment gives Falcons flexibility

The Morning Show w/ John & Hugh
March 12, 2019 - 11:49 am

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While the Atlanta Falcons have been quiet so far during the NFL's so-called 'legal negotiation' period, the club and Matt Ryan gave fans reason to be pleased on Tuesday. According to a report by ESPN's Field Yates. the quarterback has agreed to convert $8.75 million of his contract into a signing bonus in order to provide the team with $7 million in cap space.

USA Today NFL columnist Jarrett Bell joined John Fricke and Hugh Douglas and thought this was a move Ryan should have done.

“You’ve got to give yourself some options and maneuverability. These contracts, especially these big ones like Matt Ryan’s, a lot of times they're done to give teams the ability to restructure down the road. It's a smart business move, and if you’re Matt Ryan, it gives you some support around you. It behooves you to do some things to help your team get some players around you.”

Could this help the Grady Jarrett situation?

“It’s probably unrelated to Grady Jarrett, but it may give them the position to do something different.”

Bell joked that the free agent signing date, set to begin Wednesday at 4 ET, is laughable, considering teams have lined up contract deals with many players already.

“A lot depends on how much money you have to spend really,” he said. “You can be aggressive when you have money to spend. One thing I thought about over the past two days, is that this ‘legal tampering period,’ is that free agency started last week, to tell you the truth. We're in that window before things really become official but that’s cool.”

When asked where could Atlanta's Tevin Coleman potentially land, Bell didn't have a particular team in mind, but he was certain the veteran back would get offers.

“Any number of places. You look around the league and team that can use a complementary back...and that's what he's been in his best time in Atlanta. You talk about teams that can use a RB? What about him in Indianapolis? If I’m them, they’re on an upswing. I’m just merely speculating because I haven’t heard anything buzz on him, per se. The Jets are looking for help in the backfield...Green Bay, but there’s a lot of teams who can use him.