McAuley: "Braves pitching setting the foundation to win"

Dukes & Bell
June 19, 2018 - 4:02 pm

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Joining Dukes and Bell is Grant McAuley talking some Braves, Grant told the guys why the Nationals traded for Kelvin Herrera this early on “It’s a preemptive strike by the Nationals because they need help in the bullpen, but I think it has a lot to do with the Braves and Phillies playing so well, they can’t sit around and wait for their team to get hot.”

  Mike asked Grant if the Braves bullpen was the number one issue for the team, “The Braves bullpen has been better than not, they have had their nights but they could bring someone in to stabilize the mix.”

   Carl asked Grant just how good is the Braves starting rotation, “Third in baseball as far as starting rotation era, Braves starters in the last 11 home starts have an era of less than 1, we talked about the offense early on but now were talking about the pitching setting the foundation to win games right now.”

  When asked about Freddie Freeman’s MVP chances, McAuley said  “The thing most voters look at other than the eye test is what would his team be without him, what he’s done the last two years has been MVP caliber, Freddie Freeman has done everything humanly possible, and I think if the season ended today I think you’re looking at the National league MVP.”