McAuley: Camargo is good, but Braves need more from third base

The Midday Show
June 20, 2018 - 11:39 am

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Grant McAuley joined The Midday Show with Rick and John Wednesday to talk about the Atlanta Braves with the MLB Breakdown.

They start with Johan Camargo and whether he is the future at third base for the team or someone who could be a good trade value. He calls Camargo good, but not that guy teams fear.

Grant thinks the team needs a third baseman that can bat behind Freddie Freeman, not deeper in the lineup.

He talks about the starting rotation and how it's been a six-man group as of late. He credits injuries for the extra man in the rotation but that also allows pitchers to get some extra rest if on the disabled list.

They talk about the All-Star Game and how Braves fans have come out to support the team, including Nick Markakis. He talks about the team being in first place for 46 of the last 48 days and how so many things are going right.

He mentions Mike Foltynewicz and Ronald Acuña Jr. and where they sit on the injury report.