McGary's 'Nasty Attitude' Could Propel RT to Next Level

Dukes & Bell
July 29, 2020 - 4:49 pm

Former Atlanta Falcons guard Kynan Forney joined Dukes & Bell Wednesday and talked about working this offseason with Kaleb McGary and Chris Lindstrom. He also spoke on how he started working with the right side of the Atlanta Falcons offensive line, and how he started training offensive lineman. To finish, he explained what it was like blocking for Michael Vick.

Forney talked about what he likes about Kaleb McGary.

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“The first thing is that he checks everything on the list as far as what you want in a tackle," said Forney. "He’s tall, he’s got some decent length in his arms, he’s athletic, also too he’s strong. But the last thing that I love is he’s a fighter.

"Kaleb is one of those guys that if we’re going to a bar somewhere and someone pops off, I want Kaleb right next to me. Hell he might even be the one starting the thing. I just love his attitude. You've gotta have a nasty attitude when you play o-line. You've got to be able to dish it out and not take nothing.”