Dan Marino; Matt Ryan's best quality is his game prep and leadership

The Midday Show
September 05, 2018 - 12:52 pm

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Hall of Fame NFL Legend Dan Marino spent some time with Rick Kamla to preview the 2018 NFL Season. We begin the interview with a plug for Nutri System for Men and how men can lose weight and keep it off with Nutri System. They turn the conversation to the Atlanta Falcons and when it comes to winning the Super Bowl this Season, Marino doesn't think it's impossible and they have a real shot. He talks about Matt Ryan and Dan thinks his prep. is what makes him a special QB and a good leader. 

Dan has massive respect for Eli Manning, even calling him "adorable" (seriously). They talk about being a hold out and Dan admited he held out one season to try and get more money, but it's tough because you want to be in Camp, but you also want the money you feel you deserve. Finally, Rick asks for a SB prediction, but he can't give. He mentions the Eagles, but that's it. 

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