Mike Vick Talks Julio Jones and Flag Football Championship

The Midday Show w/ Andy & Randy
July 02, 2018 - 11:28 am

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Mike Vick joined Rick and John to talk about the American Flag Football League. Mike told us he plans to play this year and next year for the Flag Football league and said he will hang it up when he reaches 40 and plans to stick with coaching after that. Mike said he has been inspired by his daughter to keep playing as he has taught her to play ball and what she can do on the football field with her team. Mike said he connected with the 7 on 7 game and not getting hit. Mike described watching Doug Flutie still playing in his 50’s and considered it a great way to stay in shape. Mike talked about the league his daughter plays in being an all-girls league but expressed his pride with how se commands the field when she plays and how she has listened to him even when he thought she wasn’t. Mike talked about the Julio Jones situation and how he thinks Julio is thinking long term about being locked up with the Falcons for the rest of his career. Mike also believes Julio will show up at Matt Ryan’s’ throwing camp with the guys. Mike described how money situations between the player and the organizations are looked at in the locker room between teammates. Mike said people on the outside looking in have no idea about what goes on in the locker room. Mike was a little disheartened that Paul George didn’t go to L.A. and setup a team to challenge the Warrior’s. Mike credited Paul George’s choice to stay in OKC with Westbrook but can’t wait to see how LeBron connects the dots in L.A. Mike told us he is very excited to watch these guys play for the Million dollar prize. ​