Vick on NFL Players: 'They all respect the flag and respect the anthem'

Dukes & Bell
May 24, 2018 - 2:29 pm



Michael Vick joined Carl Dukes and Randy McMichael to start the show Thursday as Vick told the guys what's going on personally for him lately.

Carl asked Vick his opinion on the new anthem policy in the NFL. 

“I just think about what I would do if I was playing, and there are  a bunch of obstacles that have to be overcome, I hope this doesn’t cause more controversy.” Vick continued. “They all respect the flag and respect the anthem; it’s the injustices people are fighting against.”

When asked about being a part of the American Alliance of Football team here in Atlanta:

“I’ve always wanted to coach, and this opportunity came around in a this city where I’ve had so much success, I just felt like this was apart of God’s plan that I ended up back here, back home,” Vick said.

Carl asked Vick about what he saw from the Falcons offense last year.

“I think when Kyle left, a new guy steps in things look different and it takes a while for a new quarterback and offensive coordinator to get on the same page,” said Vick.