Coach Izzo not wrong for berating player

"You cannot expect a coach to coach soft and expect for his players to play hard"

The Midday Show w/ Andy & Randy
March 22, 2019 - 12:06 pm

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Michigan State head basketball coach Tom Izzo was seen berating freshman forward Aaron Henry during a second-half timeout of their First Round game against the Bradley Braves.

Izzo was unapologetic about the situation after the game saying his starter was making mistakes:

For most on social media, Coach Izzo took it too far. Andy Bunker and former NFL cornerback Bryant McFadden both agreed Izzo did nothing wrong.

"I have no issue with what he did," McFadden said. "He didn't disrespect the player at all. He just made it know he would not tolerate not hustling. That's old school coaching."

McFadden said he had a coach at Florida State with a similar coaching style. Not only would his former coach get into him and his teammates on the field but also academically. He would say 'if you can't handle my tough coaching, you can't handle life.'

"Life is hard," McFadden continued. "You're going to have issues, adversity to jump over. But if you can't handle that from a collegiate standpoint, what are you going to do when life jumps on you? "

For Andy, he said Coach Izzo more than likely made his expectations known so Henry shouldn't have been surprised when he got yelled at.

"Watch the way the rest of the team reacts. No one was surprised, no one was startled," Andy said, noting that Izzo has coached this way during his entire tenure at Michigan State. "Everyone knows because that's the expectation."

"You cannot expect a coach to coach soft and expect for his players to play hard. That's why Tom Izzo is great," McFadden said.