Midday Mock Draft: 5 QBs in the first 12 picks

The Midday Show w/ Andy & Randy
April 09, 2018 - 2:57 pm
UCLA Bruins quarterback Josh Rosen

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One of the hottest pre-draft topics surrounding the 2018 NFL Draft is how many quarterbacks will be taken in the first round. With Miami and Buffalo picking Monday, the tally is up to five.

Here's how Monday's picks went:

11. Miami Dolphins: Josh Rosen, QB -- UCLA

Krantz told us he was surprised that Josh Rosen hadn’t been taken off the board yet. He talked about where he thinks Coach Gases’ vision for the Dolphins is going forward. 

The strongest unit for the Dolphins right now might be the O-Line, Krantz said. 

Krantz told Rick the reason the Dolphins are alleged to be taking a quarterback is because they really don’t know what to expect from Ryan Tannehill when he comes back. He told us the Dolphins taking a QB might actually be the smart pick. 

Krantz broke down the WR core and who might be the odd man out this season. He mentioned the types of players the Dolphins acquired to fill the shoes of Jarvis Landry since he is no longer with the team. Zach told us he was shocked when the Dolphins brought in Brock Osweiller and said the only explanation for that is because he is a Gase guy. 

Frank Gore will be the second guy behind Drake, Krantz said, and Gore was in San Francisco when Gase was there. 

12. Buffalo Bills: Lamar Jackson, QB -- Louisville

White mentioned that there are rumors surrounding the Bills possibly making a trade to move up in the draft. He told us that AJ McCarron is a stopgap guy for the Bills and the coaching staff believes in him in some sort of way. 

He described to us what happened with Tyrod Taylor and the Bills. White told us because the Bills didn’t pull the trigger last year on a QB it makes this draft even more important for them to get a QB for the future. 

White told us he thought Taylor was set up for success in his first season under OC Roman but then they fired Roman. He also broke down what happened last year with Tyrod Taylor and the offense. 

White talked about the change at QB from Taylor to Peterman and what it meant to the team and the locker-room for the players.