Midday Mock Draft: How many QBs went in the top 4 picks?

The Midday Show w/ Andy & Randy
April 03, 2018 - 2:41 pm
Baker Mayfield

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At the rate of two picks a day, the Midday Mock Draft is through four picks with Manish Mehta (New York Daily News) picking for the New York Jets at No. 3 and Adam the Bull (92.3 the Fan) making Cleveland's second first-round pick at No. 4.

Here's how the picks went:

3. New York Jets: Baker Mayfield, QB -- Oklahoma | Making the pick was Manish Mehta of The New York Daily News

Mehta told us he wasn’t surprised by the Jets' offseason moves because their primary option was Kirk Cousins until he was no longer in play. That’s why they signed two quarterbacks and are looking for their QB of the future. He did agree that the Jets gave up too much to move up three spots in the draft to pick at No. 3 because they were desperate. 

Because the Jets played competitive last year, Mehta thinks that helped save Todd Bowles job. He did speculate, because the Jets likely won't be a playoff team in 2018, you will probably see the rookie QB come in late in the season. 

Mehta talked about the one-year deal Teddy Bridgewater signed and said nothing beyond this year is guaranteed. He believes Bridgewater will need to play lights-out in training camp if he plans to make the team. 

The conversation moved to the Jets' receiver corps and what he expects from them this season, calling them a mishmash of guys with no guarantee of what to expect from them. 

Mehta told Rick that Isaiah Crowell will be the power running back for the Jets this season and told John he was surprised they didn’t make more of an effort to get Sheldon Richardson back but tried to pay more money to Suh instead which didn’t work out. 

He went against his gut and picked Baker Mayfield. 

4. Cleveland Browns: Bradley Chubb, DE -- N.C. State | Making the pick was Adam the Bull of 92.3 the Fan in Cleveland.

Adam told John he is beyond nuts to think that the Browns would take Saquon Barkley No. 1. He broke down the Browns' running back situation and how it could be considered in the top half of the NFL for RBs. 

Adam dismissed the talk of the Browns taking a guard at the 4-pick. He told us he likes Josh Rosen the best out of the QBs, but doesn’t see him fitting with the Browns so he would have taken Sam Darnold with the No. 1 pick. 

General manager John Dorsey is the best GM the Browns have had in years, according to Adam, who reiterated that Josh Rosen is the best QB available and said it doesn’t matter that he is rich because he plays the game he loves. Adam mentioned the promise of David Njoku and what he saw from him last season. 

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