MIDDAYS: Chuck Smith talks Falcons, Draft options

The Midday Show w/ Andy & Randy
April 12, 2018 - 1:58 pm

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Hour 3

Segment 1: John mentioned a twitter poll he put out there on the best team football prop. Rick and john talked about the Falcons preseason schedule and who they play. John and Rick discussed the four QB’s the Falcons worked out.

Segment 2: NFL Bounce… Chuck Smith joined the guys promoting his camp and talked about players in the NFL and player heading to the NFL. Chuck also graded out who fits best for the Falcons with their first pick.

Segment 3: From the Bible… Shaquem Griffin getting looks from his twin brothers team the Seahawks. ALDON SMITH BLOOD ALCOHOL LEVEL WAS DEADLY HIGH. Brandon McCarthy zinged by wife after dislocating shoulder.

Segment 4: Rick told John that if you took the over on the amount of drinks he would consume last might at his concert you would have lost. Officer Brad weighed in on the Aldon Smith .40 BAC and told us what it would take to achieve that. Updated our Vision computer twitter polls. Rick and John talked about who the Falcons should draft in the first round and referenced suggestions from Dave Archer.

Segment 5: #17 Pick – Seahawks – Dave ‘Softy’ Mahler from 950 KJR in Seattle. Dave described the reaction of the Seahawks missing the playoffs last and it showed by how the front office get rid of everyone from the legion of boom and more. Somehow, we got sidetracked talking about food and what makes you want to throw up. Dave talked about the running game being the number one priority for the Seahawks. He also mentioned the decimation of the defense. Dave told us how bad the Seahawks were in the running game last season and called their running back room a disaster. Dave mentioned the money Jimmy Graham got from Breen Bay and how he was never going to get that in Seattle. Dave also talked about the depth on both sides of the ball being extremely thin. Dave picked CB Isiah Oliver from Colorado.

Segment 6: Read Between the Lines… Mike Leach – on how to keep a happy marriage, Darren Eales – on preparing to face NYCFC, Paul Johnson – on setting the tone last season against Tennessee, Paul Johnson – on expectation spring game 2018.

Segment 7: Wrapped the show and threw it to Dukes and Bell.