Rick and John Present: The College Football Middies!

The Best and Worst from the 2018 CFB Season!

The Midday Show w/ Andy & Randy
December 13, 2018 - 1:39 pm

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Rick and John present the College Football Middies! The best and worst from the 2018 College Football Season. 

They kick it off with the Coach of the Year:

Rick gives it to Brian Kelly at ND, John awards it to Bill Clarke from UAB who helped revive the program. 

Defensive Player of the Year:

Rick: Josh Allen of Kentucky, John gives it to Quinnen Williams of Bama. 

Game of the Year:

John loved the Texas vs. Oklahoma match while Rick loved the 7 OT game between LSU and TA&M. 

Breakout Player of the Year:

John goes homer with Gerald Willis of Miami while Rick likes Gardner Minshew of Washington St. 

Overrated Player of the Year:

John gives it to Jake Browning of Washington and Rick calls out Drew Lock from Mizzou. 

Finally, the Most Overrated Coach goes to:

Jim Harbaugh from Michigan and Rick gets back to his Kirby is overrated kick. 

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