NASCAR's Done More For Racing in 2 Years Than MLB Has For Baseball in 20

The Jon Chuckery Show
June 26, 2020 - 10:58 pm

Will Palaszczuk is kind of ticked at baseball. There needs to be a goodwill investment toward the fans if they expect to just retain the fans.  

The greed displayed has been ridiculous, not just from the owners, but the players as well.  Both sides have a lot more people to think about other than just themselves.  Think about all the people that work for the clubs: the ticket takers, the concessions staff, the grounds crew, the retail vendors, et al.  The owners view the game obviously way different from the consumers.  Don't whine about being able to afford to own these clubs, nobody cares.  Your sport has been in decline for years!  The pageantry is dead.  Baseball fans are older now more than ever, because of a failure to integrate, failure to market, and the greed that reemerges every five years.  

Think about NASCAR and how they have marketed since the pandemic.  They did a fantastic job of showing the drivers in a real light, giving the fans access to the sport.  Once they returned to the track,  the groundwork had been laid.  They have done more to grow the sport in the last 2-4 months, than baseball has in at least 20 years!  

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Major League Baseball could have owned the weekdays and weekends early this summer, but they messed it up.  Now that the PGA, MLS, and NASCAR are back, will people watch baseball?  The league has forgotten how to market.  Most of MLB's money is that Opening Day, when season tickets are paid for.  The MLB business model is broken without fans.  However, MLB had to wait, because of their misunderstanding of where they are in the sports landscape and greed.

Will you come back to the sport?