Aschburner: 'Trae Young and John Collins are terrific building blocks'

Why the Hawks shouldn't be competing with the other losers in the league....

The Jon Chuckery Show
February 09, 2019 - 10:11 am

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Categories: writer Senior Writer Steve Aschburner joined Jon Chuckery to recap the trade deadline and talk about the latest happenings around the NBA. Aschburner on the Atlanta Hawks season so far, “Am I supposed to look at it in the mirror where good is bad and bad is good? I know there are people that are not happy with the Hawks because they have won too much. To me Trae Young and John Collins are terrific building blocks. You can give this guys real run and have them learn on the job. I don’t want to hear too much from the crowd that wants to play down for the future. I don’t think they should be competing with the other losers of the league.”

Aschburner on the Toronto Raptors move for Marc Gasol, “There are four teams now in the East that will battle it out to face the Warriors in the finals. The move for Gasol closed the gap on the Bucks, the 76ers and the Celtics but not the Warriors. It’s going to be a fascinating race in the East.”

Aschburner on the Anthony Davis situation and specifically on the potential of him being a rent-a-player, “What you could compare it to is the Thunder trading for Paul George and giving up Victor Oladip and Domantas Sabonis. You could also compare it to the Raptors trading for Kawhi Leonard. Teams think they can win guys over.”

Aschburner went on to talk about LeBron James and his agent trying to put pressure on New Orleans to trade Anthony Davis.