Sekou Smith: 'Other players should feel good about what the Hawks are doing'

Why the Hawks need to look at the right free agents.....

The Jon Chuckery Show
February 16, 2019 - 10:53 am

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NBATV Analyst Sekou Smith joined Jon Chuckery and Randy McMichael from Charlotte to talk about NBA All-Star weekend and other various topics about the league.

Smith on Trae Young and John Collins, “Other players should feel good about what the Hawks are doing when they see that Trae Young and John Collins are the foundation.”

Smith on having the draft for the All-Star game, “I love the draft. I think the draft has breathed life into this event and they have even talked about doing it at the host city on the weekend right before the game to give it a pick-up game feel.”

Smith on when the Hawks should attack free agency, “Let me tell you something about the Warriors that people don’t talk about. They signed Andre Iguodala, a guy who played a bunch of minutes and was a star for the 76ers but he came in and was the finals MVP during their first championship run. You have to bring in the right player at the right time. Sometimes it’s not always about the big fish but it’s about getting the right piece.”

Smith then talked more about how the Warriors were built and how Travis Schlenk is using a similar model to build the Hawks roster.

Smith on if any team did enough at the trade deadline to make a run at the Warriors, “There wasn’t a team in the West that did but all the contenders in the East outside of the Celtics made moves. I love what Toronto did in getting Marc Gasol. I think Nikola Mirotic will help the Bucks out a lot. The problem is that the gap between the Warriors and everyone is else is so big.”

Smith then talked about the Anthony Davis situation and how the Pelicans have handled it thus far.