Kawhi is the best player in NBA playoffs right now

The Morning Show w/ John & Hugh
May 06, 2019 - 9:43 am

NBA.com writer and NBATV Analyst Sekou Smith joined John Fricke and Hugh Douglas to discuss the NBA Playoff action from over the weekend.

Smith on who the best player in the playoffs is right now, “I think it’s Kevin Durant right now. He can score in ways that no one can right now. If I had to choose myself right now I think I would go with Kawhi. His ability to play on both ends….I think we have underrated him.”

Smith on the non-charge call in the Warriors/Rockets series, “I don’t understand why people are belly-aching about all of this in the first place. This is a seven game series. When you spend too much time pre-occupied on the refs you’re missing the point.”

Smith then talked about how competitive the second round of the playoffs has been so far.

Smith on if he can identify the best team the best team in the Eastern Conference right now, “No. I honestly think whoever comes out of the East has the best chance to win the Finals in years.”