Turner: Silent aura surrounding Hawks

Dukes & Bell
June 28, 2019 - 5:27 pm

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New Atlanta Hawks G Evan Turner joined Dukes & Bell to talk about being traded to the Hawks, what he thinks of his new squad and Head Coach Lloyd Pierce.

Turner talked about how he will adjust to a new team.

 “Same approach as always.” Turner said “First you learnt the culture, then you try to help out when I can with the young guys, I have experience that I can teach them and they can teach me. I think I can add to this culture, be an accountable teammate, it sounds cliché but that’s what it takes.

Evan told the guys about his experience with Lloyd Pierce in Philly.

 “Lloyd always had an aurora about him.” Turner said “Super focused, always got his work done so when he got this head coaching gig it didn’t shock me, and it won’t shock me when he starts having real success as a head coach.”

When asked what he knew about the team before being traded here.

 “When we came here and played last year I felt the energy.” Turner said “There’s a silent aurora around Hawks players, a full blown belief with what they were doing, they had a good second half to the season after the all-star break so I think you have guys getting better every single year, Trae has guys excited, John Collins made a giant leap and the draft as well.”