Is New England one of the more threatening MLS playoff teams?

Dukes & Bell
October 16, 2019 - 5:34 pm

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It was time for the Five Stripes preview with Mike Conti.

Mike talked about what scares him about New England.

“New England has three attacking players that really scare you," said the Atlanta United play-by-play voice. "As far as a threesome is concerned, New England is one of the more threatening teams in the playoffs on that end.

“I think where they are going to have problems is defensively if they wanted to go five in the back they aren’t very deep with their back line. There is potential that this could be a high-scoring game. I don’t like high-scoring games in the postseason because that means a lot of fluky, weird things can happen. And remember if you’re still even after 90 minutes you go to a 30-minute extra time and you could go to penalties.”

When asked if New England will change their plan from the last time they played United a few weeks ago.

“I don’t think they do much differently than the way they played on October 6,” Conti said. “They were getting the opportunities, they just weren’t converting. I don’t think their game plan changes much."