Batter Up!: Season on the Brink

Will Palaszczuk
June 16, 2020 - 12:26 pm

While the most optimistic people thought as late as Monday morning the prospects of a baseball season were starting to  come together, Rob Manfred's landslide statement later that night grounded any positive thoughts about baseball in 2020.

The MLB commissioner backed off his "100% we will have a season" pledge given just four days earlier during baseball's draft, leaving many to believe the 2020 season could be in peril.

The guys from the Batter Up! Podcast discussed this on Tuesday, saying that even their biggest hopes for baseball starting this season have been dashed.

Caleb Johnson feels like prospects of a 2020 season are remote. "I have jumped off the fence, I am over the fence of no season in 2020."

Will Palaszczuk believes the MLB owners have put their most visible representative in a tough spot.

"It would not be in [Rob Manfred's] professional interest to go against the owner's wish. This is what the owners want. A significant amount of them either do not want to play or don't want to abide by the terms under the March 26th agreement."

The eye-opening part about the quarreling of sides is how much the players' voice has cut through.

I think you're starting to see the players build more momentum behind their rationale and their ideas into signing a new labor agreement," says Joe Patrick. "That good will they have with the fans works very much against the owners."

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